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Cofee Roasters | Coffee Bags

Coffee has become almost an essential breakfast item in the United States and throughout the world. Since the palate of each customer is different, various coffee roasts have been made available to satisfy each of them.

When coffee is roasted, numerous chemical reactions occur that change the bean into its final state. Coffee beans are roasted under different conditions based on the roast level desired.
Coffee beans are actually the seeds of the coffee plant. The green seeds are more shelf stable than roasted coffee, so it is recommended that coffee is consumed soon after it is roasted. The descriptions below will explain the most common roasts for coffee beans.

1. Light - The beans double in size and turn a light brown color. This step is normally called first crack since this is when the beans crack loudly.

2. Medium - The color of the beans changes from light brown to dark brown. This occurs shortly after the first crack.

3. Full - The beans begin to crack again and they become oily. The beans become medium-dark brown. This is called second crack.

4. Extremely Dark - The beans start to smoke and second crack is almost complete. Espresso beans are created with this roast.

Many companies may roast their coffee extra dark so that bitterness will hide the taste of the stale beans. Since coffee is best consumed shortly after the roasting process is complete, this disguise helps with shelf life factors.

After coffee is roasted the beans are allowed to cool and stabilize. This process is referred to as degassing and usually takes between 24 and 72 hours depending on the roast. You should always allow ample time for the coffee to degas before brewing as the beans need time for their flavor to even out. If ground and consumed too early, the coffee may taste too smoky or ashy.

As mentioned above, many chemical reactions take place during roasting. One of these reactions causes carbon dioxide to be released from the beans. Freshly roasted coffee will emit CO2 for up to 7 days after they are roasted. Roasted coffee is sensitive to light, oxygen and moisture. Because of this, finding packaging that will prevent the coffee from going stale was extremely difficult.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can I get custom printing labels and application on my packaging?

Product packaging is one of the most important aspects of consumer acceptance on store shelves. Introducing new products to a marketplace can be challenging and gaining customer approval is even more difficult. The right package can help you overcome the adversities of consumer wariness and we understand the importance of great shelf presence.

Although a great printed bag or pouch might be an excellent way to grab a customer’s attention, not every company is ready to take that leap into custom bag design and others prefer a more homemade or personal look. Custom printed labels may be the most ideal solution for your packaging vision or budget. We work with seasoned label printers with years of experience in the print industry to provide you with the most cost effective and high quality labels.

Various materials as well as finishes are available for your selection, from matte finish to shiny gold metallic, the possibilities are endless. The print machines are capable of printing process colors or spot colors to suit your design requirements. The wide selection of die cuts that are available make it easy to find the label size that is right for your bag and your desired look.

Stock bags and printed labels go hand-in-hand in today’s packaging market. So much so that in our commitment to providing outstanding service for our customers, we have several semi-automatic machines available for adhesive label application. Our various machines are equipped to accommodate a wide range of bag and label sizes which makes it easy for us to satisfy our customers’ label needs. With this technology, labels are applied with high precision and low wastage rates, so there are no more wasted bags or labels due to inaccurate label position. The speed of these machines allows for quick turn-around time and ensures your bags are delivered on time, every time. Take advantage of this valuable service today for a minimal fee. There are certain label layout requirements in order for the labels to run properly on our machines.

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Where can I learn about Coffee Bags and Tea Packaging?

The evolution of flexible packaging has significantly affected the way many products are processed and packaged. Coffee, tea & powdered beverage mixes have all benefited from the extensive packaging options now available.

The specialty coffee market is one of the markets most influenced by the advancements in packaging. Barrier materials and accessories have created so many options that freshly roasted coffee beans can be enjoyed by consumers as if they came straight from the roaster. As some may already know, oxygen drastically reduces the shelf life of many products. Coffee is no exception; however, it was difficult for roasters to package coffee in an air-tight environment. The problem was coffee beans that are freshly roasted emit carbon dioxide. If the beans were placed in a hermetically sealed environment, the package had a tendency to burst due to the internal pressure of the excess gases. To solve this problem, a package had to be created that allowed the gas inside the bag to escape without letting outside oxygen in. Thus, the degassing valve was invented. This small device, when applied to a foil bag or pouch, will allow freshly roasted coffee to be packaged immediately after roasting and will keep the product safely away from the degenerative effects of oxygen. This innovation in packaging has proven industry changing and is now being used worldwide.

Stand up pouches have become increasingly popular for packaging loose leaf tea. The new materials that are now available, including rice paper and cotton paper, give tea producers elegant and attractive options. Since tea requires the same barrier qualities as coffee, foil pouches are still a widely used choice. However, clear and window alternatives allow for the texture, size and shape of the tea leaves to be exposed. For some consumers who are tea enthusiasts, these qualities are very important when choosing the right tea. Tea envelopes and over wraps are also a large part of the market. Automatic packaging of sachets and pyramids use various types of roll film. Different materials can be used to achieve the desired look, price structure and barrier qualities.

Powdered beverage mixes such as chai and cocoa are used in countless shops throughout the world. They are also made available to end users in retail stores. The packaging aspect is essential whether the mix is being distributed in 3 lb. bulk bags or 1 oz. single serve packs. Depending on the product’s sensitivity to the various elements, different materials can be used. Typically, metallized or foil materials are used due to the powder being susceptible to clumping and moisture. Gusset bags, stand up pouches and flat pouches have all proven to be effective packaging styles for powders so it’s mostly personal preference and marketing strategy that governs the type of bag that should be used.

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How do I choose the right snack food packaging?

The snack food industry is constantly growing and evolving. Due to the continuous expansion of this market, new packaging solutions are always in demand. Bags or pouches can be used for any snack food item, from potato chips to chocolate filled marshmallows and advancements in packaging technology and printing have opened new doors for design and innovation.

Since snack foods typically require higher barriers to keep them fresh, coated poly or metallized materials are normally used. For some products that have high turn
over rates or that are shelf stable as-is, standard poly materials can be used to save cost. With so many different materials and thicknesses available, choosing the right one for a particular product can be confusing. Many new manufacturers follow the trend of the industry when choosing packaging for their products. For example, many potato chip companies use metallized materials for their bags, so if a similar product is being introduced, it may be wise to use the same type of material. Shelf-life testing and careful analysis of material data sheets is always strongly recommended before committing to a material that has not previously been used with a product.

More and more customers are experimenting with unique materials and designs for product packaging. Rice papers, cotton papers and various clear coated films are giving graphic artists expansive mediums to work with. These outer materials coupled with the multiple barrier and sealing layers available are helping to create some of the most attractive packages the market has seen.

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Where can I find pet food packaging?

Tenka Flexible Packaging is your first source for pet food packaging needs.

Pets have always been a major part of many families. More so recently than ever, owners have started pampering pets and being more attentive to their needs. This growing love for the family pet has created a booming animal product marketplace.

Countless new pet foods, treats, supplements and specialty products have been introduced into the market giving pet owners a wide range of options when choosing products for their furry or feathered friends. The launch of these new products includes the introduction of their own

Since pet foods typically require the same barrier characteristics as human foods, very similar materials are used in both industries. Stand up pouches, flat pouches and gusset bags are all very common bags in the pet food industries. Poly, metallized and foil materials are all used depending on the product requiring packaging.

The packaging designs between pet and human foods have even become challenging to differentiate, as many pet product manufacturers are targeting comparable markets to specialty foods. Pet food packaging is no longer just plain bulk paper bags or cardboard boxes. The expanding interest in pets and pet products will only help to broaden the scope for pet product packaging in the future.

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Coffee Bags, Snack Food Bags, Pet Food Bags & Non-Food Item Bags

Tenka is a packaging supplier for coffee bags, snack foods, pet foods, gourmet items, specialty foods, and various non-food products. Stand up pouches, flat pouches, foil bags, paper bags and roll films are all available in stock.

Tenka Flexible Packaging has the most complete collection of quality, food-grade flexible packaging products in stock at the most competitive pricing. At Tenka Pack, we strive to be the preferred partner for our customers with whom we build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships. Tenka Pack works in an integrated network and earns trust and respect from customers by delivering innovative packaging solutions and reliable service.

Spending time searching for a new retail or promotional package can be very time-consuming, therefore our knowledgeable sales team is here to provide customers with professional assistance. We listen to our customers’ packaging needs to ensure that the best option is chosen to fit their specifications every time.

Our expansive stock bag line includes stand up pouches, gusset bags, flat pouches, paper bags and roll stock. We carry a variety of materials, colors and styles in these bags, making it easy for our customers to find the bag they’re looking for. Sizes ranging from small sample size 1 oz. pouches to 40 lb. bulk bags are available to suit our customer’s ever-growing needs. We are consistently adding new products to our assortment and strive to introduce the latest packaging trends to the market. Be sure to visit our website often for the latest updates on our new products!

Custom printed bags, pouches and roll stock are also available through Tenka Pack. Our comprehensive knowledge in flexible packaging and rotogravure printing makes certain that your printed project will be completed expertly. Detailed information about our custom printing services is available here.

Whether you are looking for stock bags with printed labels or custom printed pouches, we are here to help you bring your idea to life. We believe with our dependable service, clients can save valuable time and money and maximize their business efficiency.

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