Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can I get custom printing labels and application on my packaging?

Product packaging is one of the most important aspects of consumer acceptance on store shelves. Introducing new products to a marketplace can be challenging and gaining customer approval is even more difficult. The right package can help you overcome the adversities of consumer wariness and we understand the importance of great shelf presence.

Although a great printed bag or pouch might be an excellent way to grab a customer’s attention, not every company is ready to take that leap into custom bag design and others prefer a more homemade or personal look. Custom printed labels may be the most ideal solution for your packaging vision or budget. We work with seasoned label printers with years of experience in the print industry to provide you with the most cost effective and high quality labels.

Various materials as well as finishes are available for your selection, from matte finish to shiny gold metallic, the possibilities are endless. The print machines are capable of printing process colors or spot colors to suit your design requirements. The wide selection of die cuts that are available make it easy to find the label size that is right for your bag and your desired look.

Stock bags and printed labels go hand-in-hand in today’s packaging market. So much so that in our commitment to providing outstanding service for our customers, we have several semi-automatic machines available for adhesive label application. Our various machines are equipped to accommodate a wide range of bag and label sizes which makes it easy for us to satisfy our customers’ label needs. With this technology, labels are applied with high precision and low wastage rates, so there are no more wasted bags or labels due to inaccurate label position. The speed of these machines allows for quick turn-around time and ensures your bags are delivered on time, every time. Take advantage of this valuable service today for a minimal fee. There are certain label layout requirements in order for the labels to run properly on our machines.

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